September 9th, 2010


three month baby update (w/pics)

Three months old today! 16 pounds 4 oz... AHHH!

She's very cute, see?

That's the sock monkey hat humaazul made for her. You can tell she loves it :)

Life is good. We're getting into a nice routine. I have a number of friends here with babies a few months older than Josie... aliki, smittenbyu, kirilisa, jackiechloe, amy0catherine (egads it's baby year!)... I'm sure I left someone out. And it seems like three months is a golden age between the fussy newborn and the OMG THE WORLD IS TOO COOL FOR ME TO STOP AND EAT OR SLEEP infant stage. Josie gets fussy around 9 at night, we wrap her up, she sleeps. 2-3 wakeups for eating, and sometimes she wants to be awake for the morning after a 5 or 6 am feeding but most of the time she sleeps until 8. A few scattered daytime naps, lots of eating and playing, repeat.

I haven't posted pictures in a while. I discovered yesterday that we've been taking the same number of pictures, just not posting them. This is a dangerous thing to fall behind on.

So here's some catch-up picspam! Collapse )