August 11th, 2010


beefcake baby photo of the day

Two photos... the first is Spacebaby on June 12th... poor little skinny baby. The second is from this past weekend! I absolutely love those arms:

Kinda hard to believe they're the same baby, to tell the truth. It's funny, I always thought newborn babies looked like a mini-step above fetuses. Then mine was born, and I thought she was so perfect and beautiful. But now when I look back at the photos... fetus. I mean yes of course she was beautiful, I have a lot of happy memories from those photos and they'll always be special. But she's so much more of a person now! She's expressive, she makes lots of different noises, she looks to see who's coming down the stairs. And she's chunking up like nobody's business!

One side effect of the fatness: my left arm is constantly sore at the end of the day. I'm actually worried that it's going to get all tough and muscley but my right arm won't. I'm constantly holding the baby with my left arm while doing stuff with my right arm... washing bottles, packing my work bags, sorting laundry, unloading the dishwasher. Since I'm not great at doing that stuff with my left arm, it's become the baby arm... and now it feels awkward if I hold her on my right side! I'm just not as deft with it. Shoot!

Some pregnancy blog I read said that your pregnancy exercise routine should include doing all activities around the house with a random ten-pound weight. For real.

A friend of mine brought over a baby sling. The brand name is (get this) NoJo. So of course Josie HATED it the first time we tried it. Then I asked my friend to demo it, and wouldn't you know it, Josie was totally happy, the cutest happiest little pea in a pod you've ever seen. Then I tried it again the next day... hate. So what the hell. Back to the left arm, I guess.