July 1st, 2010


feeding the baby

Instead of a photo of the baby I was going to put up one of baby birds in a nest with their mouths permanently open, but decided not to.

A lady at my church said that if you don't start giving your baby bottles before four weeks, they get really reluctant to take one. So to avoid this we tried a bottle feeding yesterday.

I've been pumping once or twice a day, usually 2 oz or so per side. Tuesday I set aside 2oz in the fridge instead of the freezer. We warmed up 1oz, thinking we didn't want to waste anything if she didn't like it, and gave it to her in a bottle, and she just went at it with no problem at all. She was upset though, so we warmed up the other ounce while we burped her. While Marc was doing this I was pumping... which taught me an important lesson. If you're using an electric pump and your baby is screaming next to you, PAY ATTENTION TO THE PUMP. I was using my medala attachments and the container only holds 2 oz and I damn near overflowed the thing after like a minute.

Anyway after the second ounce she was STILL fussy so Marc just grabbed the 2oz milk I'd just pumped and gave it to her too. She just kept eating.

I was told that a newborn eats 1.5-3 oz per feeding, and figured the high end of that (3oz feeding) would be one of those "after a long nap" sorts of things. But it hadn't even been a full two hours since we fed Josie, and she put down 4 oz like it was no big deal?

I also read that babies eat 8-12 times a day... Josie typically hits 11. And at about half those feedings, she nurses on both sides. So now I'm worried that when I go back to work and have to miss 5 or 6 feedings, I'll need to pump GALLONS of milk to keep up. My stash in the freezer looks like it'd last a day, based on what went on yesterday.

Granted, I haven't been dedicated to this pumping thing. It's boring. It's hard to schedule... I try to pump at the same time every day but often I'm afraid I'll pump too much and suddenly she'll wake up hungry and I won't be able to nurse or something. I pump for ounces... even though I know Jo spends 15 minutes on a side eating, I never feel like leaving the pump on that long, if I can see I've got 2 oz or so I stop and go do something else.

Anyway I got some good tips from amy0catherine but if anyone else has advice or a routine you get into during maternity leave I'd love to hear it. I'd like to go back for half-days in three weeks, then a week or two after that be full time. I'm looking forward to being back at work, and there are lots of empty offices and conference rooms in my building so I can keep pumping, I'm just nervous about the transition.