June 30th, 2010


three weeks

How long has it been since I was pregnant? Seven years? Nah... but seriously it's a good thing I sat in the hospital typing up that birth story, because it's a total blur now. Actually, a lot of things are a blur.

Spacebaby's doing great. She weighs 9 pounds, 5 ounces today with her clothes on. She's started smiling sometimes when she's awake... until now she just did it in her sleep, but when she's relaxed and fed and well-rested sometimes she'll look up and smile, even though it's still pretty random and she doesn't smile in response to anything that we can do yet. It's like it only happens accidentally. She also accidentally rolls over, from her stomach to her back! She can't control her arms well enough to push herself over, but lots of times she'll get one arm worked under her, then uses her big head as a weight to get on her side, and she can go from side to back to side no problem.

I am doing better, I've noticed a big difference this week in my energy. I'm not really in pain anymore, I feel like I'm healing. I haven't taken ibuprofen in days. Yesterday for the first time I put Jo in her stroller and we went for a walk. My doctor said that a short walk was the only exercise I could do for these six weeks. I can't wait to be back in shape again though. I gained 30-40 pounds during pregnancy, depending on what pre-pregnancy weight you decide to look at, then quickly lost all but about 10 of it. Weight doesn't bother me, I'm just excited to feel good and capable of running around like I did before I got REALLY pregnant.

Anyway, we walked up the street, over two blocks, down a block then around home again. Towards the end she got fussy, but she was mad to start with, so the fact that she was calm and happy for most of the walk was a win.

I like to think we're learning how to tell what she's mad about. Sometimes she's bored, and that's tough to deal with, that's when she needs to go for a walk or get her bath or just be walked around a lot. Other times she's tired and needs to be swaddled up with her pacifier to go to sleep. If you guess wrong, you end up with a REALLY angry baby.

Breastfeeding is still going really well. When she's tired nursing almost always gets her calmed down and sleeping. I've been using my pump, too, so we were going to try to give her a bottle today for the first time, just to see if she'll take it. We could have done this a week ago but to be honest, I like breastfeeding. I'm close to her, and she's so relaxed and content. And it's easy... I'm good at making milk, she's good at putting on weight, there's not much else to worry about. I've been a little sore on one side but it's not bad, actually it might be my fault because sometimes I'm not watchful enough, I'll let her get away with being distracted and latching on and off too much.

The last couple nights have been good for sleep. In fact last night was great... she ate at 9pm, 3am, and 6am, with sleep in between! If I'd gone to bed after that 9:00 feeding I could have had six hours of sleep... more than I've had in six months, I think! At 3am she was barely even waking up, just sort of squirming and making noise, I'm the one who got her up because I was ready for her to eat. She was kind of hard to deal with in the evening, but a few hours of fussy evening time are worth it if we can get a decent night's sleep every once in a while.