June 28th, 2010


how to get adult humans to love you

I didn't post a picture yesterday, so I get to today, right? It's like we're going to photojournal mode... I haven't picspammed my friends list this bad since we got the guinea pigs. Who, by the way, are doing great... we have very little time to grab them, trim their toenails, taunt them and force them out of their cage so they're finally living the human-free, food-only life they've always wanted. I remember telling a friend of mine about how the guinea pigs kinda liked us but barely, and he explained that they're herbivores. The best you can ever ask from a herbivore is tolerance... they may be cute, and they may adjust to us, but deep down inside they know that "we're not on the same side". How sad.

Anyway shortly after I got pregnant, I was holding a guinea pig and my visiting mother says, "You might not love the guinea pigs so much after you have a baby. Your baby will mean everything. I mean, guinea pigs just want food, a baby wants you." While it's true that the baby is a lot more lovable than the guinea pigs, I sometimes think all her interactions are just a ploy for food, too! It's just that she has to be more complex and adorable about it, because she EATS A LOT. The piggies don't need fed every two hours. And they can eat grass from the yard if it comes to that... nothing complicated. Josie is approaching three weeks... that's the age where a baby guinea pig should be separated from its mother and shoved out into the real world to fend for itself as a grown up. Of course our baby has to be more endearing... she needs a lot more time from us than three weeks!

So yeah, we can't post pictures of the pets for a while, because we've got this:

That configuration, by the way, is called the "Jorrito". All you need is a snuggly baby, a blanket, and a soft comfy dad. Absolute comfort. A relaxed baby is the happiest sight in the world... she can have anything she darn well pleases.

She's very powerful. I still love my guinea pigs, but they wouldn't know what to do with this much adoration from humans.