June 27th, 2010


when we're not sleeping

I've hinted before that the whole convenient idea of "sleep when the baby sleeps" is easier said than done. Here's why... it's the approximate breakdown of what I'm doing while the baby is sleeping:

20% - Sleeping
8% - Household matters... unloading dishes, putting away laundry
15% - Personal luxuries: showering, getting dressed, hot baths and compresses for wounded post-childbirth areas
11% - Entertaining visiting friends and family, making calls, other connections to the outside world
24% - Waiting with baited breath because I don't actually believe the baby will stay sleeping
5% - Snuggling husband to celebrate the absence of the huge pregnant belly
15% - Eating
2% - Blogging

At least last night we slept great. We felt like total losers going to bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night, but we were exhausted and Jo was asleep so we figured we should catch up while we can just in case we had a long night ahead. Nah... she woke up like five times, but went back to sleep every time, it was awesome.

In honor of that we went to church in the morning. Jo totally dug on it, she was awake and alert the whole time. It was a horrible distraction to everyone within seven rows of us. Everybody just loved her. About 3/4 of the way through the service I had to step out though... it was about time to nurse, she was making occasional "eh" complaints and trying really hard to eat marc's clothes. I know that "goat mode" has a tendency to dissolve fairly quickly, so I went and sat in the church nursery so she could eat.

We went to Target and returned the 84-pack of newborn diapers we'd bought a few days before. Here's the lesson of the day: if newborn size says up to 12 pounds, but the next size up (1) starts at 8 pounds, go ahead and move up. Those newborn diapers were getting snug, and since they barely fit around her bottom, we had a couple disasters when there was something substantial BESIDES her bottom in there and something had to give, get me?

Also bought a few outfits. I'm kind of frustrated because I wanted some plain old t-shirts for her, but they're kinda hard to find for girls! Girl clothes are all these frilly tank tops, but I think tank tops make her shoulders cold in the air conditioning. Boys have all kinds of t-shirt options. So we bought some boy clothes. WTF. Not even three weeks old and already I'm frustrated by society's gender roles for my daughter.

Oh hey, she's asleep again! Guess I should be going.