June 24th, 2010


accepting baby advice

Last night was another good night... jo was pretty active until 11 or so, and then slept with only a 2am and 5am wakeup. Once again, after she was fed each time, she went to sleep. Which is awesome.

However if this week has taught me something it's this:

1) Lots of people have advice for making a little baby happy
2) If they try to give you this advice after a Bad Night, it will send you on a murderous rampage

Something about sleep deprivation takes away your ability to listen and be open minded. Go figure.

Given that, I've decided to ask for advice when I'm not having a problem. I realize that sounds a little backwards but this way I'll have it when I'm ready for it.

Our little spacebaby is only two weeks old so we're barely getting into a time when we should be worrying about a sleep strategy or throwing her in the "omg crier!" category, but she's had at least one fussy evening where she fought sleep for 45 minutes or so, screaming her head off and nothing we did could calm her down. And if you're on my friends list here you'll know that she has the occasional night of "I want to be awake from 1-5 am and if you don't entertain me I'm going to yell". And girlfriend's got some lungs, so trust me, we were up until 5 am!

I was a little prepared for this because I was told that I was sort of a fussy baby. I read "Happiest Baby on the Block", and now that jo's old enough for a pacifier we can try combining some of the techniques in there. She does seem to like being swaddled.

Also, the hospital made us watch a video on the "Period of Purple Crying", which really was just to make the point of not shaking your baby when she's been screaming for four hours and you're going insane. I have no idea what level of crying would compel anyone to shake a baby but I guess if it didn't happen, they wouldn't make us watch the video. Its main point was that all babies cry and some babies cry a lot, and its main advice was just to lay the baby down, shut the door and walk away. I will do that, but I'd rather have that as my last resort. I would prefer to calm her down.

Anyway I consider sleeping and not crying to be related, so I'll accept advice on both... calming a baby down, and training her to sleep at night. I don't even care if you're a parent, if you've got a tip it probably won't hurt us to try it at some point.