June 23rd, 2010


two weeks old

Last night was nice... baby woke up every two hours almost on the dot to eat, but went to sleep immediately afterwards every time. I'll take it. During the day I sort of kept the jackiechloe advice from a few days back and didn't stress about waking the baby up or keeping her awake at any certain time, so she'd be in a general better mood. We'll see if it was just a coincidence... right now every other night tends to be pleasant.

I keep slipping and saying that we're taking spacebaby to the "vet" but no, we took her to the pediatrician for her two week checkup. And it went really well. She weighs 8 pounds 6 oz... more than a pound past her birthweight, right in the 50th percentile. I talked to the doctor a little bit about how she'd started crying in the evenings already, I'd hate for her to get colicky this early but it's not outside the realm of possibility. He said to call him for more advice if it gets bad, but for now just be patient, burp her a lot and try some gentle belly massage. This was all a tough conversation to have because baby was REALLY MAD... it'd been almost two hours since she'd eaten and she frequently goes 2-3 hours between feedings, but if someone wakes her up, it's on. So I was trying to listen to the doctor over her and it was sort of a mess.

I am feeling so much better! I've stopped taking ibuprofen; I was on 2400 mg a day and NEEDING it, the bottle says not to exceed 1200 mg (unless directed by a doctor, which I was). Yesterday we went to the grocery store for meat and pasta sauce and that was IT, and it kinda wore me out but we did it. I'm starting to do things around the house... I unload the dishwasher, I'm not afraid to run upstairs just to get something as long as it's just one trip. Stairs are no longer a major transition.

It's funny... a week ago we were so impressed that Jo could lay on her tummy on the floor and turn her head from one side to the other. But now when we put her on her tummy, head turning is no sweat. She can actually hold her head up for several seconds, looking around, deciding what direction to look. Progress is fast! We leave her on her tummy until she gets mad and frustrated... she often doesn't understand that she can just rest and hang out there, she spends the time trying really hard to push forward with her feet (obviously, she goes nowhere).

I've been reading to her sometimes too. I've learned that she doesn't really know the difference between a cute kid story book and pilot magazines, just likes hearing a voice, so guess what? We're reading magazines. When she can appreciate and comprehend The Hungry Caterpillar for what it is we'll switch.