June 20th, 2010



happy baby. airplanes. life is good.

this photo is brought to you by mrs_dragon, who made the amazing quilt. It's way huge so if I took a picture of the whole thing there wouldn't be much baby, but it's gorgeous.

I'm in a much better mood today. Marc and I are lounging around after some good weekend relaxation. Mom and Dad came down, helped around the house, and watched the baby some while we SLEPT.

When I count "hours of sleep" that I'm getting it makes life look alright... so I can't really be tired, right? I mean yeah, sleep doesn't get to be longer than three hours but lots of chunks add up to real rest I think? So I'm not sure why I still feel run down... healing? Milk production?

They made us a lovely steak dinner last night and there was a bottle of very nice champagne. I'm so happy that I can have a full glass of wine again! Of course since I haven't really been drinking in months, one glass is all I need to feel really relaxed.

Mom also thought of some strategies for us to have some better nights. It's pretty normal for Josie to wake up around midnight or one and want a three hour "let's hang out and eat" party. We put her down, she yells! She just wants to play, and that's tough on us... interrupted sleep is fine, I can wake up, feed her, check her diaper and go back to sleep in 30 minutes and not feel like I've missed out. But the stay awake sessions are tough. So we tried giving her a bath last night at 8 so she'd be good and awake, with hopes that she'd be more tired at night... it kinda worked. Her late night party was only two hours.

When she wants to sleep she wants to SLEEP. I'll see her snoozing away at 7pm and I know that every second of her sleeping is a second that I will not be sleeping late at night... but we can't really get her excited about playtime if it's not on her goals for the hour. So oh well.

Mom says after two weeks we can really start deploying some schedule strategies... until then, it's a lost cause, you just have to go with whatever. So we are. But that two weeks starts Wednesday! I'm not asking for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, but if she's going to have a four hour nap, would it kill us if it started at midnight?

Oh one more picture, because it's father's day! The dads in my life have been a ton of help lately... my dad's been amazing. And then there's this dad... he takes care of me, he acts silly, and he's very comfy for babies to lounge on: