June 16th, 2010


outings and entertainment

Been having a pretty good week with the baby. I hate to say "eventful" because my lj has to sound pretty mundane by now, especially if you're not into babies, but trust me for us it's been big.

Yesterday we went and saw a lactation specialist, because our little spacebaby's been showing signs of minor jaundice and doesn't always like waking up for feedings. The hospital where we had her has free lactation services, which is awesome. And I figure if they're doing this for free, they must think it's important, so we should make the effort to come in and value it to.

Well it turns out we're nursing rockstars! At six days old, my girl really is up past her birthweight... they weighed her with her clothes on Sunday so I thought that was cheating, but Tuesday she was at 7lb 7oz naked. They also did a before/after feeding weight and she gained 100g, over 3oz, just by eating. Which is fantastic for her age, 1.5-2oz is the norm. So their advice for me was to keep doing what we're doing, and if she doesn't wake up 3 hours after eating don't freak out, she's just good at taking on the thanksgiving dinners of nursing. The little jaundice will go away and it is definitely not caused by us starving her.

Her schedule is a mess. She be crying hungry four times in four hours, then she'll go 4-5 hours where she can't be bothered. It killed us last night. Some friends brought dinner over, and they're close friends who I really wanted to hang with, so they were here from 6:30 until past 9:00. Josie was passed out asleep. Yeah, you know that "sleep when the baby sleeps" thing... well when you're kinda tired of talking to only your husband and a baby and a good friend comes over, that's tough. Sure enough when our friends left she went on one of her "I want to eat and party" binges and we were up until 1:30 am. I thought I was going to die... I hadn't really napped during the day, Marc was exhausted, that's life with a newborn.

This morning we had another outing... went to parent baby time at the hospital. It's just some "hang out" time that's hosted by one of our really cool childbirth class teachers, and I wanted to get out of the house. It started at 10. We made it by 11. Yeah, schedules are tough. Anyway it's for babies up to one year, so we got to see a dozen or so babies in all age ranges and it totally freaked us out. I told Marc, "I can't believe she's going to be that big in a YEAR." and he totally agreed, he said that room was like a "land of giants". When we got home I just held my baby for like an hour.

Anyway, here are tricks she can do at one week:
- From her back, she rolls to her side. Doesn't matter if there's a blanket on her or not... as long as her hands are free, and she has a talent for getting them free. Totally freaks me out at night but whatever.
- From her tummy, she lifts her head up and turns it to the other side! It takes a lot of effort but it happens. We don't put her on her tummy much obviously but five minutes a day doesn't hurt, and she works so hard at moving and ootching around when she's there it's just darn entertaining.

And because I can't help it... here's a cute picture of Marc trying to eat her: