June 13th, 2010


four days old

These are tough days for a blogger... I have a million thoughts, and no time to actually type anything out!

Mom and Dad were here for the birth and left today. It'd been nice to have them around, they made us lots of food, did laundry, held the baby, gave tips. And another really nice thing... it meant there was another woman in the house who'd also been through childbirth and recovery from it. It was funny, the day after the birth I was changing in my room with the door open and she walked by and I said, "Oh don't look I'm naked!" then stopped an laughed and realized it'd been barely 24 hours since she'd seen EVERYTHING. I mean I gave birth completely naked, with Mom, God, and like 20 hospital staff in the room, and there were literally spotlights on the ceiling pointed at my crotch. Okay, they say 7 hospital staff but you know. Marc even asked if anyone else in the Wichita metro-area needed to check my cervix. So to warn Mom that I had my top off... what the hell. But she walked by without looking and said, "No honey, I know. And trust me, that was different." Anyway I could tell her any weird thing I was feeling and she'd understand. Marc feels for me too, but he's never done this before and doesn't even HAVE the parts that I'm trying to heal up here so it's different. I'm feeling much better every day but still taking ibuprofen and still not up and running around like my normal self.

Spacebaby's cuteness is increasing to dangerous levels. My forum members say she's contemplating how to fix the BP oil spill in this picture:

She nurses randomly. She'll go through two hours when she's only happy suckling, then she'll act like she wants a nice "every two hours" nursing schedule, then she'll take a three hour nap that WE have to wake her up from. I'm learning to just go with it. It's awkward, because I definitely have milk now, and I think my boobs would like a set schedule. But the times when we have to wake her up, she never nurses as well so we give it three hours.

She was doing this thing where she'd suck like five times, stay latched but not sucking, and doze off. Marc googled a bit and found out that newborns do that on purpose, it's how they deal with slow milkflow that's just starting, they're programmed to zone out and wait for more milk for a bit. I love it! A "wait state"! Nursing is just one really complicated biological network protocol.

Anyway right now it's 3 am. I should be asleep, but got good and awake because she went through another "can't be laid down" phase and I had a good nap today and a good 10-12 sleep so I'm just here. Yeah, I know, sleep when the baby sleeps... easier said than done.

spacebaby's birth story

Here's something for your weekend reading pleasure!

Disclaimer for the general lj friends: Birth stories are typically written by and for women who have or will have given birth, and may contain too many squeemish details for the uninitiated. I posted the much shorter family-friendly version on facebook, but figured most of you all could handle the whole thing. So here it is.

Josephine Elizabeth was born at 6:35 am June 9th, two days before her due date. I labored for about five hours at home, then five more hours at the hospital, all unmedicated.

That's the short version, here's the extended director's cut version: Collapse )