June 11th, 2010


home with baby

We got home from the hospital yesterday! Thanks everyone for the congrats, I love that everyone automatically called her "spacebaby", that'll have to be her online name for a while. Anyway she totally cracks me up. She acts so stunned about the world, just staring everyone down and focusing on the most random things. The only thing she is not confused about is eating. She's like a hungry baby bird, when she's not eating she dreams about eating, I can tell by her face. I get her up by my breast and she goes into crazy latch attack mode and then sucks it's the best idea ever. We saw all these videos in our breastfeeding class about how to listen for the right sounds, watch for the right jaw movement, all that... and she apparently needed no such training.

So anyway she wakes up and eats about every other hour, and I feed her for about ten minutes on each side. They told us in class not to watch a clock but she doesn't latch *off*, only on, then dozes off like that and would stay like that forever, occasionally sucking, and that can't be right because I don't have milk in yet. In fact I feel bad that she's so hungry. The doctor said I should have milk today or tomorrow, and she has lots of dirty diapers so something is going right.

In my spare time I've been napping, and writing up her birth story, which isn't done yet but has hit the 4K mark. I'll have to do an executive summary of this thing.

Marc's been awesome. He does most of the burping and changing and brought her to me last night every few hours to feed. There was one stretch, probably 3-5am, when I couldn't sleep and I let him zonk out. But there were other good times when we both got to sleep for over an hour so I call it a win.

Still learning to take good photos of her, and finding time to upload them, but...