June 2nd, 2010


dead couple walking

It's come to my attention that I'm living out the last few weeks, or days, as a totally independent kidless person. Marc and I are young and free and happy together and it could end any time without warning.

So I'm trying to appreciate it. I mean sure I'm excited about the baby coming but when you like your life, isn't it tough to face life-changing events? There's no going back! I felt a lot of panic about it when I first got pregnant, even though it was what we wanted and planned for, and now I go back to those feelings a lot. Last night we went out to eat, tonight we went to the the petstore then out for ice cream. This weekend there are parties and maybe even camping.

People at work are not helping, everyone asks me every day if I'm "ready to have this baby yet" and I'm like, "Well kinda, but I've also got shit to do this weekend!"

Actually if anything makes me want to have this baby, it's the office. I'm surrounded by kind, supportive, really annoying people. Nine months ago they cared little about my health, and a lot about the work I was doing. In recent weeks I've been asked to not get too deep into major projects because I could be leaving any time... fair enough. But that made work really boring. We have cool tests coming up, cool airplanes we're getting ready, and I was supposed to delegate any task that'd take longer than a week. So if there wasn't a daily emergency, I'd just occupy myself with low-priority programming tasks and checking purchase orders and SLITTING MY WRISTS. I was starting to really hate going to work and labor seemed like my only escape.

Well today I decided I couldn't take it anymore. Odds are I'll be at work all this week, all next week, part of the one after that (when I'll be officially "overdue" but who cares). At a meeting it came to light that we needed some major organization done on an upcoming project, so I said I'd take care of it. Then I took over and had something like 30 engineering documents transferred over to my initials in the system, and I spent the afternoon happily neck-deep into research that's going to take me a long time. If I go into labor, someone will just have to look at what's on my desk a bit.

In other pregnancy news...

I'm still collecting statistics about due date accuracy for my scripting project, so tell your friends who've had babies to take my survey!

I told Marc my skin was kind of itchy. He asked if I was allergic to the baby.

I also told Marc that if the ultrasounds were wrong and we were having a boy after all, I liked the name Miles. He asked if that would conflict with my campaign to switch the US over to the metric system. Damn!

Weeks along: 38 W, 5 D
Months along: 8.9
Days remaining: 9
% Complete: 97.1%
20.1% chance of baby in the next 5 days