May 14th, 2010


36 weeks

Went in today for my 36 week doctor appointment, which I didn't take too seriously because I go to the doctor every week now and I'm so used to the routine. You wait way too long, then they ask you the same questions every time, get your weight and some pee, and if you don't have any questions you get to go. At last week's appointment I talked about my pets, that's how boring these are.

Anyway this time my doctor was like, "36 weeks, ready to go? Is your hospital registration in, got everything you need?"

I told her I was registered, but still had a month so I wasn't sweating it or packing a bag or anything, I was totally mentally prepared for The Late Baby which meant I had more than a month to get ready. My baby will be late for the following reasons:

1) It's my first. Average first babies are late.
2) Most babies in my family come late.
3) I came into this world 12 days late, and figure I've got it coming.
4) I'm always reading these unfortunate mental posts in pregnant that go like, "I'm 40 weeks plus 5 days and can't take it anymore I'm sure I'm going to be pregnant foreeeeever!"

I don't have that "I can't take it anymore" feeling, I'm doing just fine being pregnant. If anything, Marc is more sick of my being pregnant than I am! He's tired of not having anyone to split of bottle of wine with, tired of the childbirth classes, really tired of having to side-hug me. Yeah, I know, not drastic hardships when you compare them to actually being pregnant. He's also really super excited to meet the baby, always talking to her telling her that the time has almost come. She used to kick back but now she doesn't really kick anymore so much as shift her whole body into a side of me, so now she does that in response to her dad whining at her.

Oh, so I'm all set to be pregnant for at least the 28 days remaining until June 11, and I tell the doctor that, and she kind of looks at me and smiles and says:

"Okay, sure, we might be here in a 3-4 weeks. Or we might not be. Your baby has dropped. Your cervix is dilated past a centimeter. If you go into labor right now, nobody's going to stop you. You can think whatever you want, but packing your hospital bag when you're in labor trying to get to the hospital is... stressful."

First thought: my Bradley Method book made it very clear that there is no correlation between cervical dilation and when you're going to go into labor, women walk around at 1, 2, 3 cm for weeks and nobody knows the difference.

Second thought: Hmmm. I've been sort of "behind" on everything to do with this pregnancy. I was in no hurry to announce it. I fought buying maternity clothes, only to give in and wonder what I'd been thinking. I have not packed, have not washed the baby clothes, have not borrowed the bassinet from my friend that I told him I was grabbing. At our childbirth class our instructor had us go around the room and say when we felt we'd "bonded" with the baby, half the class was like, "When I saw that pregnancy test I just knew I could barely wait for my little angel!" and my response was more like, "Whoh there kids, bonded? Strong word!"

Oh, and here's the nursery:

We don't have a crib mattress yet, we're just using the crib for storage (but there's a giant squid waiting for her! and The Lorax!)

Maybe I should be planning ahead a bit? Then again I'm not sure what the benefit is, it's not like you need a lot for a baby, so what if her cute outfits still have the tags on them or she has to sleep in a drawer her first night here?

I think I'm still going to plan on her being late. We're all doing just fine. It's going to be a long four weeks, and acting like I'm going to have a baby any day now is only going to make it feel longer.