February 17th, 2010


the car, the house

So what's been going on this week? Well first, our car got hit sunday night. We were driving and about to make a left turn, and a girl was waiting at a stop sign on the street we were turning onto and just randomly decided to go. No one was hurt, both parties were going about five miles an hour, but our rear wheel was hit so hard it rubbed against the inside of the car in a bad noisy way and we could barely drive it the block home.

Turns out that her insurance wasn't good, either. But she is offering to pay us cash to fix things, something about a tax refund, because she doesn't want our insurance company coming after her. Our insurance company has all the paperwork and said they're cool with whatever... if she doesn't pay, call them in a week, if she does, they'll pretend they never heard from us. So that's the story there.

In the meantime I am borrowing Ms. A's pontiac to avoid paying for a car rental. Yeah, I know, technically the uninsured person who hit us should rent us a car but I feel kinda bad for her situation and this is doable and A is traveling this week anyway. This is the second time I've borrowed her car while she's traveled, don't ask how she manages to pick weeks when I'm automotively challenged to book plane trips but she does. A magic sixth sense of very good friends?

In other news, we hired an inspector to look at our house and he said it's in really good shape! He gave us some tips... said we needed a dehumidifier in the basement, told us how to seal cracks in the stucco siding, and advised that we buy a new hot water heater before too long because the one in there is like 15 years old. But the house isn't falling down or growing mold or infested with horrible animals! I think we're going ahead and I'm thrilled. We need to get an electrician out to add a 220 outlet where we want the stove, I think, but that's the only thing I want to get done before we move in. It's ready for us.

The house comes with a cat. The best kind... an outside cat. But he's been there before when we were there, and during the inspection he was just always outside the windows or on the deck, hanging out like "it's so nice of humans to build these houses for me."

I want my car back, but overall it's been a nice couple days, and the warm weather has me in a good mood.