January 18th, 2010


spacefetus is a girl

So I know I came on here saying yesterday that I was having a boy, but I might have been kidding because our ultrasound tech thinks it's a girl. And when I say "think", I mean "she was pretty sure". Even made us a printed photo of a crotch-looking shot with text saying "IT'S A GIRL!"

I was in shock! I mean seriously, I'd really gotten in a mental state that we were going to see some boy parts, and when she told us and I asked if she was SURE I felt really bad for even making a big deal about it, or thinking about it period. Why did I ever want a girl, or a boy? What do I think I'm getting with either one?

But the rest of the ultrasound was lovely and fun, the pictures on a video screen turn out much better than still images, you can really make things out better. Our baby has all the parts I'd hoped for... legs, arms, toes, a brain, ears, eyes, stomach, heart with four chambers (so it's not an amphibian!). Her mouth was moving a lot, like she was chewing... or (I'm afraid) practicing to do a lot of mouth-running later in life. I thought she looked kinda leggy. The tech said she was measuring a little big... about what a 20W fetus would, but I'm only at 19W, she said that wasn't a huge deal but the baby probably won't be born small. I figured as much.

I will not be posting sonogram pictures, because it's not worth scanning them in and frankly I never look at anyone's sonogram pictures, they all look like either splotchy clouds or aliens.

I do have pictures of myself though! Okay, let's celebrate this exciting day with a look at my bigness, which I think has changed:

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