January 9th, 2010


finished some pants, and stuff.

I woke up at like 5 am today. What the hell. Ate breakfast because I have to eat breakfast, then tried to lay down and nap a little, maybe read, but it's sort of a blur of just tired, not terribly productive morning.

The afternoon was good though! Ms. A came over for some quality sewing girl time or whatever you call it. I'd complained to her about how I'd tried last weekend to make maternity pants, and the result was very unfortunate. I had nice fabric to work with... a poly/cotton blend gabardine that laid really nicely and I liked how it ironed. But the pattern I'd chosen (McCall's 3750) didn't work out like I'd hoped.

I'd read some on the internet and had a good idea that maternity pants are just normal pants, but with the front cut down really low and a stretchy panel inserted. No zippers, no buttons, no tailored waistband... what could go wrong? I could use an existing pattern I had in my closet, and avoid buying a special maternity one like this one (caution: that's a SEXY look right there, the foldover tent look, watch out!)

Well it turns out patterns don't always keep up with the times, although my top stretchy panel was comfy and successful the pants ballooned out horribly at the hips and then tapered at the leg like a bad late 80s suit. I hadn't realized how rectangle-straight the legs were on the pants I'm used to wearing. So I told A I was going to scrap those as the "prototype" and start over. She convinced me otherwise. We took the hips in a bit to make the top straighter, than got rid of the bottom cuff I'd attempted (they just drew attention to the taper), and it seemed to take hours to get all the curves right but somehow at the end I was left with a workable bit of wardrobe that I can see myself wearing to work! Perish the thought, right? I was very proud. So I now have maternity pants, AND enough fabric to make a second pair. I spent like $30. And hours of my time, and grief, but look what I have!

While this was going on we had in the BBC miniseries of "Pride and Prejudice". The one with Collin Firth? Yeees. It was so wonderful. A only had the first DVD, which ends when Lizzy SHUTS DOWN that a-hole Mr. Darcy when he proposes to her. You know honestly I'd be happy if that was the real ending. He's even more of a prick in this British version than he is in the Keira Knightley one. But I've seen too many of these movies, too many times, I know everyone has to fall in love and be married and financially stable by the end. Isn't it more wonderful when they're all being snide to one another? And then curtsy, and wish good health to their families?

I made dinner... this black bean casserole I haven't made since forever because it's a dish without meat and I can't ever talk Marc into it. I just posted the recipe on spacefem.com for posterity's sake. I accidentally used "medium" enchilada sauce, not mild, but it still wasn't too bad.

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to shoot up ABOVE FREEZING. I feel like I should go swimming or something, I'm so excited.