December 31st, 2009


Everything I did in 2009

I like to post these year-end reviews, just in case anyone missed anything, or hell, I missed anything! Overall I'd say 2009 could have been worse, but it could have been way better too. It's definitely going to be marked by the huge layoff stress, even though I was safe, a lot of really good friends lost jobs. Some left Wichita, the rest are at least threatening to leave, and it hurts. I had marc, pets, and flying to distract me, but overall I'd have to say this to 2009: don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

January - Marc and I celebrated the New Year in Panama City, Florida. It was great to be at the beach and we were with lovely friends.

February - I helped out with a big SWE engineering expo to get kids into engineering. I continue to wonder why it's not more popular.

March - we had a Hungry Hippos tournament, made more friends on Twitter, and Marc randomly adopted two guinea pigs from the Humane Society. After a week I decided they were cute enough to keep, we named them Pinky & The Brain.

April - I decided to start taking flying lessons. I got some paperwork together, and was in a right seat by the end of the month.

May - Dr. Tiller was shot and killed. He was Wichita's "controversial" abortion doctor, a wonderful pro-choice advocate, and powerful ally for women in a part of the country where our reproductive rights are always threatened. He should not have had to pay such a high price for that.

June - A lot of people were laid off at my company. It was really tough. I made it through, but was furloughed for a month. I used the time to go one some float trips and soul-search.

July - We adopted two MORE guinea pigs, from a family on Twitter looking for a new home for them. Renamed them Jabba the Hut and Billy Dee. We also went to Atlanta, rode some roller coasters, saw the state capitol building, hung out with friends.

August - Went to Las Vegas for Defcon, just like in 2005. Thought hard about quitting flying lessons because it wasn't going all that well.

September - Flew solo for the first time! Also went to Resonance, a local Kansas burning man event that was full of hippy relaxation.

October - Found out I was pregnant. Freaked. Went to California for the SWE conference and enjoyed the very intense sun.

November - Billy the guinea pig started getting sick, so we began a saga of vet visits. Wicked, the musical, came into town and was just magical.

December - had a Star Trek party that was great fun, announced the pregnancy. It's still going, I'm due June 11. I'm darn close to finishing the pilot license, really.