November 24th, 2009

airplane outside

the ICT thing explained

Weather and holidays are taking turns throwing wrenches in my flying progress, so all I can do is sit on the ground thinking about airplanes. At least this will be a cheap slow month, as opposed to my pre-solo weeks of pattern work where ability was what slowed me down, but I still flew a lot and spent lots of money and had no life. Now I can get back to having no life because I'm obsessed with the internet... good old fashion way.

Since I moved to Wichita I've wondered why we call ourselves "ICT". We use it a LOT. It's the code for our airport but I couldn't find it anywhere else. I'm not even sure if everyone knows it's our airport code. But everyone in Wichita knows we're ICT. Marc says that everyone in Atlanta always talked about "the ATL" but that makes sense because ATL looks like a nice short code for Atlanta. In Kansas City, I don't recall anyone ever talking about MCI.

Anyway I'm curious about what other cities use their airport code as a synonym. In Wichita you hear people drop it all the time, you hear radio stations talk about "rocking the ICT". I thought maybe we just have so many pilots and aircraft workers here (air capital and all that) we're a bit more obsessed with our airport than other cities.

I also took the time, finally, to try and figure out what the hell ICT means. Here's where I got:

1) A logical name for Wichita's airport would be WIC... first three letters of the name. Like ATL or STL.

2) The US government decided that it would not let airport names start with W. If you start with W, you're a radio station east of the Mississippi (like WKRP)

3) So we dropped the W, leaving us with IC. Then it's a "pick your favorite letter" game... ICH is somewhat unpleasant-sounding so ICT was the next best thing.

If I'm wrong, correct away. This has really puzzled me since I moved here and learning about the W thing made me finally realize that ICT probably doesn't stand for anything, it's just... ICT. wIChiTa.