November 18th, 2009



marc and I have a calendar. it has ferrets doing weird things, like scuba-diving and visiting paris. IT'S REAL. Anyway my point is that even though we're both application developers, very wired people, and have five computers (that run all the time) between only two of us, we have a paper calendar that we write things on. Weekends out of town, big events we've got tickets for, birthdays... that sort of thing.

Growing up my family had a CALENDAR. It had no ferrets because it was all business. Mom had rules for it... you could only write in pencil, that was the big one. Also you had to write evening things in the bottom of the square, morning in the top, etc. It had to be month-at-a-glance and it had to be huge and take up the whole desk. When I was in high school I remember stuff would be on The Calendar in every square, it was intense.

For some reason we got to talking about this at work and it's amazing how many full-fledged technophiles still have a big old fashion "write on it" calendar in one spot. Maybe because electronic calendars are small and personal and tough to share? I know with Marc and I, it's just a lot faster to go write on the ferrets than it is to make a facebook event and invite just him to it, or find us Yet Another website to log into that does calendar stuff.

So much for the future, you know?