November 16th, 2009


already the worst parent ever

I accidentally started some mad drama in a members-only post at pregnant. My question: Is a one-bedroom loft with no doors going to be a stressful place to raise a newborn? Because some people think you'll deal much better if there's a room someplace that you can shut the baby in and let it cry... if you've checked everything, tried to soothe her, made sure there are no issues. Some babies are just fussy. According to my mother, I was really noisy. So sometimes when she was at her wits end she'd just leave me alone in a room and in ten minutes I'd be asleep. I seem to have suffered no long-term damage as a result of this.

But mentioning that I thought it was okay to let a baby cry really got everyone mad! I was basically told, in 60 comments (so far), that it's not only dated advice but CHILD ABUSE and I'd better not even think about it.

I'll admit, I have not read oodles of parenting books, so I'm open to advice. Then again... I found some bits on the mayo clinic website that said it's okay to leave a crying baby alone to give yourself a break. I really like the mayo clinic for pregnancy stuff, it doesn't scare the crap out of me like web md or tell me everything but LAYING ON MY LEFT SIDE EATING TOAST is going to harm my fetus.

I sometimes get the feeling that pregnant is a bit outside the norm so I'm posting this here, even though it's a small group. Some of you are parents, some of you are just experienced with kids. How wrong is my mom's advice?