October 23rd, 2009


seven weeks

So you all know I've felt sort of adrift in this pregnancy thing. Scientifically speaking this is not a process that we're meant to be terribly involved in, and that's tough to relax about. A good embryo will be accepted into fetus school. A less-than-good one will not... and for good reason, the sooner it leaves the sooner one of my better eggs to get a chance. Weeks get by and we let biology sort things out. The doctors will see me if there's something to see.

But as it turns out there is a way to get quick medical attention: be my husband! He's been fighting a nasty cough the past few days and finally went to the doctor. I figured they'd give him an antibiotic and send him on his way. But he tells them, "I just really want to be careful, I don't want to give my wife anything, she's pregnant."

Well BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES, he gets a flu test, pneumonia screening, a chest x-ray, bloodwork. I haven't even had bloodwork done! He said the doctor commended him on being attentive and caring future father, diagnosed him with bronchitis, and prescribed super fast-acting antibiotics of doom so he'll be cured in four days.

Meanwhile I googled the effects of bronchitis on a pregnancy, and the gist was "being pregnant sucks. having bronchitis also sucks. you're going to be pretty pissed off." It's not terribly contagious, it's more an effect of a long-running cough. I feel okay now... I have a mild cough that started last weekend and I'll watch it. But the article said that unless a high fever was involved or I was stuck miserable in bed like Marc, I just have to tough it out.

I'm glad he got extra attention, I just think it's funny. Tell a doctor "I'm pregnant" and they're like "well you're going to feel weird, come in next month." Tell him "My wife is pregnant" and you're in the express lane to perfect health. Go figure.