August 21st, 2009


awkward office veggies

Today at work a guy brought in some vegetables from his garden but by the time I noticed there were only two things left: a very small cucumber and a very large cucumber. This is okay, because I adore cucumbers, and if I get a big one the guinea pigs can have some too which they FREAK out about. If there's anyone in the office more excited about a free huge cucumber I'd be shocked.

The issue is that I felt a little weirded out just going up to him, in an office of all men, who are engineers therefore not terribly mature, and saying "I want your huge cucumber."

Oh, and then there'd be the actual taking it and walking around with it back to my desk which also sounded like a weird phallic disaster.

So I just avoided the whole situation all day until the very end, when nobody was around, and somehow he was still there and so were the cucumbers. I got mine. And walked out to the parking lot with it, because it wouldn't fit in my bag. It's gonna be awesome. I feel guilty for thinking like a 13-year-old but better safe than sorry.