July 16th, 2009


guinea pigs get comfortable

On Tuesday ms. A and I spent the afternoon re-configuring the piggy complex, and then I put all four guinea pigs in there to live together. The new boys have been in quarantine per recommendations... we've had all four out playing together for floor time, but very supervised. They were sharing and playing nicely though so we decided it was time. There's still some fighting and chasing but I think everybody's happy.

Anyway this morning I noticed that pinky had found a soft, comfy new place to lay down: jabba the hut's back.

I don't think jabba likes this, but for some reason they were just chilled out in there. Maybe they were trying really hard to share the house, which is not big enough to be shared? There are plenty of other houses I promise.

btw marc thinks we should re-name jabba "piggy smalls".

Anyway I got the camera out for that one, and got some more shots to add to the pigture gallery. like this picture of Billy Dee's cute little nose: