July 14th, 2009


to-do list for the week

this is shocking, but in a week my little "vacation" will be over and I'm expected to return to WORK. here I was worried that I'd be miserable without the office for a month, but as luck and road trips would have it, the time has really flown by. So in the next few days I have to get to all those resolutions I made at the beginning of shutdown:

  • Clean the apartment
  • Re-configure guinea pig cage
  • Go work habitat another day... or at least another morning
  • Unpack from Atlanta trip
  • Catch up on sewing projects. So much fabric, so little time.
  • Lay by a pool. Not today though, egads, high of 104? What's wrong with this place?
  • Misc. updates to third party applications on spacefem.com - especially mediawiki, I really let that one go.
  • Transfer files off my laptop and onto the linux box, because the laptop is suffering and needs to be cleaned off and re-operating-systemed (I can verb that, yeah)

we're camping later in the week which I'm totally stoked about, so obviously I have to get ready for that. And I have two nasty sweaty flying lessons scheduled. exciting week!