July 12th, 2009


I deleted my myspace account

I deleted my myspace account.

I just never got that site working the way I liked. I got an account a few years ago when some coworkers I party with suggested it. I'd never connected online to "real" people, so I asked if this was the sort of place where I should use my real name, or an online identity. They all use real names. So I did too.

But quickly I hated lots of things about that. I like my time online to somehow promote spacefem.com, which I couldn't do using my real name. Yes I know vanity is a deadly sin, we all get to pick one. Anyway I didn't see the thrill in talking to people I talk to at work. I felt nervous meeting people online, and HATED accidentally clicking some annoying profile and having "my humps" start up through my computer speakers.

By the time I realized that myspace could be fun if I could be spacefem, make myself into a mini-celeb, the name "spacefem" was taken! I think that was the nail in the coffin for me. who would take spacefem? it's random, and it's mine.

Facebook took off differently. When I joined myspace, friends wrote stupid comments on my profile page that didn't add much. When I joined Facebook, I got invited to parties. The calendar/schedule stuff was helpful. I also liked being tagged in photos, and I liked that it was private. Maybe you can do events and photos in myspace too but it was too everywhere.

I will miss being tied in with my favorite music groups. Jill Sobule has a good myspace. My HUSBAND uses it all the time for his DJ gigs... even made me his top friend, which was a big deal since I never logged into the site. I also feel bad leaving myspace because I feel like it's looked down on, like the ghetto of the internet now, and the fact that I never got it makes me feel classist. Let's face it... Facebook may not blast "my humps" when you visit a profile page but you have to suffer through your friends posting stupid privacy-stealing applications in the form of "what sex and the city character are you?" or similar offending quizzes. It's ghetto there too. Don't act like we're all so much smarter for having moved on.

the worst toilet in Atlanta, Georgia

Okay you know that scene in trainspotting, "The worst toilet in scotland"? I think we might have found the worst in Atlanta... it's hard to tell, but if there was a contest this might be my submission.

Let me take you to MJQ, an underground club downtown.

There are two restrooms, presumably men's and women's, but the doors aren't marked so you just kinda watch which gender seems to be going in where and guess.

The one with more women going into it has two stalls. Both stalls have doors that go to the ceiling, and the doors have a hole where a doorknob maybe once existed. But there are no latches or locks or anything.

The stall on the right has a toilet that does not flush.

The stall on the left has no light. It's pitch black since the door goes to the ceiling. You can kinda use your cell phone to illuminate the basic situation and get an idea of what you're getting into.

Since the doors aren't marked, not everyone agrees that this is the ladies' room. I walked in there once to find a guy peeing in the left stall... which means, of course, that this (dark) one is now subject to the normal horrible things men do to public bathrooms.

At that same time, the right stall was occupied. I know, because I opened the door and found a girl sitting on the toilet blowing a dude. I guess people might as well use that stall for non-bathroom things since the toilet doesn't flush, right?

We were only at this place for a few hours but in that time I saw it get progressively worse. Women were apologizing to one another as they entered, like, "I'm sorry for what you're about to endure, I had to do it too. Good luck hovering. Hope you've got strong thighs."

Other than that I had fun at the club! The DJs were good, the lighting was cool, the bar drinks were reasonably priced and the wall art was neat. I got some cool fashion ideas and got to dance some. I just tried to drink a little less so I wouldn't have to pee, that's all.