June 10th, 2009


he told me I could post this, it's totally true

Every once in a while I have one of those weeks where everything just happens at once. It's a mess, so I sent my husband an e-mail from work so he'd know the deal and have a written-down reference:

Hey babe, this week here's my after work schedule:
M: Oeno with SWE
T: flying, except with 40% chance of thunderstorms maybe not!
W: Sabor with investment club
Th: flying
F: party at matt's, if you're going I'm going

and he replies:
Hi! Ohhh!! Who's busy this week? Is it you? Are you busy?
YES!!! It's you! You're busy! Who's a busy girl! Who? YES! YOU!
You're a busy girl! LMAO

You could read that and be like, "Oh he's being sarcastic, that's overkill" but honestly? That's pretty much always how he e-mails. Like a 13-year-old on a pep squad. It makes me smile, it's cute. But it's funny too for a strong tough man like him to use so many exclamation points. The funniest thing is that he really was a nightclub bouncer for a while when we first got together, remember that? He was not good at it. I mean he's a man of many talents, and he is a big guy who can look intimidating, but he giggles a lot which I think works against you when you're in the security field.

I still love getting e-mails from him, and his text messages that use bad chatspeak. These crazy weeks suck for spending quality time together, but we did some shopping tonight and that was fun. He got some shoes, I got some clothes, we made shark jokes in the mall.

In other husband news, I was looking at old tags and found this entry, which was crazy locked-down private at the time, and made it public. It's about us getting ring sizes in December 2006, after we'd been dating for, oh, a year? I wouldn't say we rushed into things, we were just talking at the time. But we knew.