May 11th, 2009


weekend camping

last weekend was a fun camping trip out at Toronto Lake, which is in the middle of nowhere Kansas so don't worry if you didn't know we had a Toronto, too. I went with Marc, and five other guys. We did nothing. This particular group just likes to lounge around, play outdoor scrabble, eat, go on slow casual hikes on well-established trails. So that's what we did.

Friday: take off after work, arrive after dark, drink around the campfire.

Saturday: wake up and make bacon and eggs for breakfast, go walk around, come back and read/nap in the tent. Wake up and eat chicken salad for lunch. Read/nap. Wake up and eat pork tenderloin for dinner. Read/nap/scrabble.

Sunday: It was raining, so we packed up early and grabbed pizza in Eureka.

See how hardcore we are? Yeah, I know, not so much. But it was fun and relaxing, and the weather was nice.