December 28th, 2008



i used to have two credit cards... a capital one card at like 8%, and a chase one at 22% that gave me cash back on gas. capital one has increased my rate over the past two years, and chase has dropped it, so now they've inverted completely and the chase is at 10% and capital one is at 13%. without me really paying attention! so now i have to switch my mental states around, quit using the capital one card entirely. it's weird. i even called them about it a few months ago and asked what's up, there wasn't much the guy could do for me.

i used to be one of those "always pay the balance" people. not lately though; everything was too complicated. i pay most of it though. enough of it that i shouldn't be punished with an increasing interest rate.

we're home right now. we're leaving again tomorrow. I feel like this vacation has had no home time, and it's given me some anxiety.