December 3rd, 2008



a friend of ours used to have a frighteningly clean apartment. he'd freak out if someone left a glass out. the decorative coffee table elements were always perfectly non-centered to be decorative. it was a little weird. anyway a girl moved in with him and now it's a pit, there are clothes everywhere, she bought lamps that don't match, he's a little freaked but he can't keep up with the mess.

marc and i do not have everything in common but when it comes to cleaning we're just about perfectly even. we like the place to be clean, but this isn't always worth the act of actually cleaning it. i'm a tad bit more organized... marc's been known to clean by shoving everything in some little secret spot, i hate to do that. but it does get the place looking clean, so if we're going to have a party, he's the man. also... i'm okay with the livingroom being a pit if the bedroom is picked up. marc likes cleaning the livingroom by throwing all our crap in the bedroom. but generally speaking, we didn't really disrupt each other by moving in together. sometimes we feel like being slobs and it's awesome. other times we keep things organized. i'd say on the whole we're more clean than the average person... although i'm comparing myself to other 20-somethings who live in apartments, so the bar isn't set too high.