November 1st, 2008


party happened!

the halloween party last night was awesome. it was interesting, because there were three other parties going on at the same time in the apartment building and we all sorta knew each other so people just made the rounds. there was really something to be gained by all of them... the one down the hall was thrown by goths, who are prepped all year for halloween so they had the best costumes and decorations. but not much to eat or drink. the one up on fourth floor had a keg, fondue and good munchies. we had the best alcohol. besides all the jello shots i made some scary halloween punch... orange juice, blue raspberry vodka and blue curacao combined to make this creepy green color, and we threw dry ice in it. it was tasty and fun!

there were more people in the apartment than i could count at one point... and a lot of them, i didn't even know, but some were marc's dj friends, there were our guests, you name it. either way it was a great mix. we inherited some alcohol and i have no idea how, there was a bottle of jack and some cheap rum that just appeared. we also lost some glasses... but we gained some glasses, so it might be even?

i do have to state something that's bugging me though... there's a group of coworkers that was not there, some guys who all used to party with us and then they got married, moved out to the suburbs, and their wives treat me like i'm a freak. i know i have a long history of not feeling like part of the crowd when i hang out with engineer wives, but since we all used to be friends, i thought maybe this would be different? no, none showed. and i just talked to several of them earlier in the week and no one reported other plans. it's annoying that some adults still remind me of when i was in high school and wasn't one of the popular girls. during parties i always make it a point to think of only the people there. i have lots of friends and they are more important than, well, my not friends. but i couldn't help thinking about it this morning when i considered the guests. i'm not going to feel bad that i wanted to be an engineer, not just marry one. or that i want to live downtown instead of buying a starter home in a good school district. or that i had a party that didn't involve selling tupperware or crappy jewelry.

anyway we kept it going until 4 last night, ahhh! then i got up at 9 to go to the robotics contest. then i didn't feel so good, so i headed home a bit early and went back to bed. and there's another party tonight. i love halloween.