September 30th, 2008


we should just make our own policy

so, i don't know if it'll really be the biggest financial crisis since the great depression or we're all going to die or what... either way, the best part of any political crisis is overhearing the statements by my insanely over-conservative coworkers.

today's winning comment (and I overheard this from a real person, not making it up): "I can't believe the feds can't help but throw more of our money at another problem. So wall street is tanking? Why do they deserve our money? I say let the economy collapse, maybe it'll finally teach them a lesson!"

I thought of asking the guy what he thought the "economy" was. he works for the same company I do, so I'm not sure he's thought about where money to buy airplanes comes from (the economy), what keeps his savings account from being worth more than a loaf of bread (the economy), why his house is still worth more than what he paid for it (e... yeah) but I just let it go.