August 11th, 2008



we have some kind of fruit fly issue.

days ago, we started being really careful about putting dishes directly in the dishwasher, keeping the counters clean, and even plugging up the sink drains when we weren't around. which is annoying. but still... fruit flies! they swarm around the kitchen in nasty ways... not tons of them, but always 3-10 I'd say. they're not in the pantry where the food is, they're by the sink, and sometimes the kitchen table, but we use the kitchen table for mail storage more than food.

they're pissing me off.

you know what I realized today? I hardly ever see spiders in this apartment, and usually that makes me really happy because I'm scared of spiders. they are teh creepy, right? but I'd rather have a spider than fruit flies. it's got me thinking.