August 9th, 2008


what's on

i was supposed to pick up trash along the highway today but it's raining, so here i am! i'll get some stuff done today though, it's cool. i could go to work, too. hmmm.

we wanted the olympic ceremonies last night and i loved it. i've got the games on today.

i also got to see Les Misérables at century II this week and it was fabulous! I saw a gazillion people I knew there. from church, from work, from anywhere... it's a constant reminder that wichita is small. but everyone was really excited and the show was wonderful. I saw one of our IT guys there with his whole family and that was cool to see how excited he was about it, taking his kids and everything. they're teenagers but it was still funny, I couldn't help but think that les mis is sort of a bad choice for a fun family outing. I mean, it's about poverty, disease, war, prostitution, treachery... all the classics! i'm surprised disney doesn't have a version.

(actually, I really am surprised disney doesn't have a version. Cosette is princess material if I ever saw it. they could have an animated dancing prisoner number, and a REVOLUTION ride at the theme park, it'd be a huge hit.)