July 12th, 2008



last week while traveling on business, I ordered a pasta dish and a side salad for dinner. I said, "small side salad" but the waitress brought out a 10" plate LOADED with lettuce, soaked in dressing. I actually complained, and she offered to box it up for me, but we were staying in a hotel with no fridge so that wasn't an option. It just went to waste.

Increasing food prices are putting a crunch on us. I heard a commentator say that we were no longer going to see huge baskets of rolls at every table when we go out to eat, half gallon bricks of ice cream, or gallon jars of pickles.

But my feelings on this are the same as my feelings on gas prices... this could be a mixed blessing. We've been wasteful. We don't think of what we need... we don't think at all. There's a commercial on TV for paper plates that features a mother explaining that she's got more time for her kids and family now that they just use paper plates that they throw away, so she doesn't have to wash dishes. where's it stop, people?

It sucks because I know there are poor people out there who've always been careful and rationed because they had to on both food and gas, and now they won't have enough of either. they didn't need a reminder that the rest of us consume so much. that's really who we've screwed by doing this. and now people feel like they have the "right" to $2 gas and food to throw away, so they're complaining and calling on the government to do something. no politician would tell us to be thrifty now... we've had eight years of george bush saying that we're entitled to oil and if we're not all shopping, we're letting the terrorists win. finally, gas demand is going down and people are really refusing to buy 10 mpg SUVs! and we're sad about it?