July 6th, 2008



here's evidence that I need to work out: my legs are still sore from the 4th of july, when ms. a and I hoofed it to watch fireworks from a spot 3/4 mile from my apartment. the walk back was pretty leisurely. I mean, if that sort of thing kills me, no need to join a health club yet. I'll just do the same walk.

i do weigh less this week... not that it means anything, but i'm proud of some slight dietary changes i've made. I only ate out once, and it was because I was traveling for work. i've had salad nearly every day, and bought blueberries and bing cherries for snacking on. don't ask me what I'll do when winter hits and produce is nasty. seriously, we go through about a four month span when you can't find good lettuce to save your life. i've actually bought bag salad before. ewe.

and we're trying to eat less red meat. this is almost impossible in kansas; we're surrounded by cows. you drive around and they look up at you and say "i'm delicious". and they ARE. there are multiple vendors selling local meats at the market by our apartment... there's no such thing as local fish here. okay, i take it back, we boiled crawdads we found on the last float trip. that's hardly seafood though.

but the new big dillons has a fish market, so last night we got some tuna steaks and ate them for dinner, with grilled portabello mushrooms on the side. and tonight we're making salmon... target sells frozen salmon-on-a-plank for $10, and it's big enough to feed more than just us.

and when I went to the local market yesterday, I bought buffalo steaks instead of cows. so we can still have steak night but they should be a little healthier. a little.

I feel good thinking about food. I've spent the weekend relaxing, cleaning up the apartment, thinking about food. it's all very therapeutic.