June 29th, 2008



okay, another float trip, another weekend away!

it was fun this morning making breakfast around the campfire with everyone. and it was fun last night, passing drinks around camp, telling jokes, making s'mores!

aside from that it was... okay. there's been so much rain lately that the river was sort of nuts. marc and I dumped our canoe on day 1, and lost a camp chair that we'd just bought LAST WEEK, along with the top layer of everything in our cooler... some beers, our steaks. in fact, in our group of about 10 people (5 canoes), three canoes spilled. one got it twice. that's never happened to us before! usually there's one spill and it's caused by stupid drunkness, and everyone dives out and recovers most of the stuff. not so much this time.

day 2 we got rained on the whole time, it was never warm and sunny enough for swimming.

friday night we camped in some sort of magical land of deer ticks. it was disgusting. nothing dug into me, but if you felt something crawling on you, it was always a tick.

good things: there was plenty of extra food, so it didn't matter much what we'd lost. marc was there to help tick-check me. I know what they feel like now, for sure. it was warm and sunny friday while we were on the river, so that was good. at least when I was dumped into cold water, it was after i'd already been swimming and I didn't mind being wet.

I'll keep float trippin', this was just not my favorite trip ever, you know?