June 20th, 2008



I cut my hair!

yes! I've been growing it out way too long, for no apparent reason. laziness, I guess? failure to get a haircut?

anyway two things happened... first, I was talking to ms a about the upcoming float trip with coworkers, and I said I might braid my hair in pigtails because it's cute, out of the way, easy to wear a hat. then someone sent out some pictures from last year's float trip. and there I was... long hair, braided in pigtails, wearing a hat.

i can't deal.

then I went to the movies last night, and was walking back to the car afterwards in the heat and the wind and everything and hated it. I mean, I've always been a short hair person, until the last couple years! So I went home and measured my hair and I had over a foot I wanted to cut off. I could donate it to the hairless children. At work today I made a call and got an appointment for after work and off it went.

oh of course people... PICTURES!

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