June 18th, 2008


lands and populations

last saturday there was a party out in clearwater... this little not-town outside wichita where some friends of mine have a house.

I was shocked when I moved to Pittsburg, Kansas, population 18,000, because there were kids who showed up at the school saying, "This is so crazy, I've never lived in a city before, it's so busy here. There are so many stoplights." There was, like, one road with stoplights.

And on a totally unrelated note, Battlestar Galactica cracks me up because it's about a world where the entire human population is less than 50,000. I don't think there'd be huge press conferences, a host of radio shows, people following the president around all the time, this gigantic black market for supplies. Everyone would know the president. But I digress.

I got to Wichita and it was so insane here that the small town kids can't even take it. I'd never heard that before, but a guy from work said, "I just had to buy a house miles outside town, I can't take the city, it's not how I was raised." wtf? Wichita too big? Wichita is the smallest city I could ever possibly imagine living in. There are about 500,000 in the metro area... but you get the feeling like we all know each other. Seriously. you always know what's going on and who's coming to town. If you go to some big event, like a concert or riverfest, you WILL see people you know.

So I have friends don't think that's small town enough, and have to move out 25 miles from a grocery store, on a gravel road and six acres.

It was still a fun party. They had a bonfire, and it was nice out, and we sat outside drinking keg beer and watching the fire. It was really relaxed but it made me laugh at the footprint that us middle americans require. Most of the land is just there, they're not doing anything with it. I mean, the area is dry, you can't do much, it's a lot of pasture land. We're not going to contribute to the corn harvest any time soon. But there's so much space here in America. It's a funny place.