May 19th, 2008



Scenario: You're sitting at your desk and a coworker says, "Hey [insertname], happy [insert life event]! This is for you," and hands you an envelope that likely contains a greeting card.

What's the polite, normal thing to do? Do you open the envelope and read the card? Do you REALLY read it... like if there's a lot of words, do you spend enough time looking at it to convince the person that you've read it? Or do you just glance at it and set it on your desk? Or prop it up on your desk? If there's a gift inside, like a certificate or money, do you look at the card first?

How do you feel about greeting cards with lots of words? I personally buy cards that are either funny or contain as few words as possible, but I know some people who spend a lot of time selecting a card with lots of words in it that are very nice and flowery, and they don't consider those words to be some fluffy part of the design, they really want them to speak to you. I'm not sure who's the norm.