February 25th, 2008

lil brudder

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I really love washing dishes... when I have tons of schoolwork. There's something relaxing and mindless about the washing and rinsing, and since it has to be done, I can tell myself I'm not avoiding school, I'm doing what I have to do. actually all sorts of things in the apartment got re-organized this weekend, so I could do something other than homework.

school is such hell. I have one of those bad classes this semester... the professor accuses us of all being lazy when we fail the quiz, and won't work any practical examples of anything in class. He says we can come in to talk to him if we need help, but going to talk to a professor requires some sort of question or starting point. you can't just go talk to him to say, "I stared at this for three hours last night and never figured out where to start."

So once again I'm getting by on my long-standing theory of failing grad school: I'm about average intelligence, so if I fail then everyone in the class probably will, too. and he can't fail all of us! right? I hate school. I have a test Thursday. This one's a loss, I hate to say it.