January 23rd, 2008


the metric system

I interviewed a board member of the United States Metric Association:



It was a pretty cool e-mail exchange... totally re-kindled my enthusiasm for going metric. I hate that the US is stuck in a backward measurement system. I hate it when people say things like, "I just can't picture distances in kilometers"... seriously, drive it for like three days, you'd be there. It's not that tough. Most of our lives have nothing to do with measurement, from a conceptual level, you tell someone how far Kansas City is in hours. You buy $35 worth of gas. You know something is too heavy to lift. So who cares what you use to measure it, why not just use the most scientific method?

I'm also pro-metric because I think the anti-metric people are unusually annoying, they use blind patriotism, antiquated tradition, and gut feelings as excuses for us to stick with the old system. I hate arguments based on that stuff, the "it's what we're used to, just stick with it" argument. That's what people use to tell me same-sex marriage is wrong, microsoft windows is the best operating system, women aren't born to be engineers. The guy I interviewed said that measurement is this totally pure non-political thing, but I see trends that speak otherwise.