January 5th, 2008


kill your TV

Marc and I cracked and got cable. The "no TV" thing worked for a while, but started killing us. we'd blow through our netflix "watch now" hours the first week of every month. we watched the same DVDs over and over and over. when we got someplace with TV, like a friends house or hotel, we'd stare at it like people from the 1800s. so today a guy came and gave us 70 channels, and I spend the afternoon watching MODELTHON ON VH1!

(and the IQ plummets)

whatever, haters. I really was going to keep it on book TV but they were having some sort of civil war day, just authors who'd research battlefields and abraham lincoln, and I wasn't as excited about that when I realized I could catch all the way up on tyra world.

I also made an inkblot generator. not all the way sure what to do with it: