November 14th, 2007

lil brudder


Today I am angry because my school screwed with the schedule, dropped some courses and now I have no idea what to take. And registration is MONDAY. I was going to take this lovely evening communications class in the evenings... it's gone. Apparently due to a startling lack of professors in the world, there will be NINE courses offered above 700 level for electrical engineering next semester, six of which I definitely don't have the background for. Controls and power courses never really worked themselves into my schedule, and I was never excited about that stuff anyway, and until now it's never caused a problem. Suddenly I need four credit hours to graduate and I don't know where they're going to come from.

There's one four hour class in the evening, it's in networking. It's a "II" class that I have not taken the "I" for. I have an appointment to talk with the professor to see if I could struggle through this. Honestly, I'd really rather not struggle through this. but whatever.

another option I thought of: take one of the three hour classes during the day, and beg the professor to give me another credit hour for something. some research? a paper? both the professors know me and might feel sorry for my situation.

if those don't work out it's mega schedule crap time for me... the classes aren't next to each other, the days are screwed up, I'll be staying in the office so late I don't even want to think about it.


I can't believe they put registration week right after exit exam week... how horrible is that, to make me sign up for more classes, when I hate school so much?

in related news I'm feeling an iota better about the exit exam. heard back from a couple teachers who are leaving the later chapters off this thing. of course these are professors, who drop the crazies out on tests sometimes, but I heard from a guy that if you're close on the exit exam you can go plead your case and explain that the test wasn't rational and they'll pass you. that's a rumor.