October 21st, 2007


boring post

trying to make myself update, because I think a boring entry is better than no entry at all. here's what my weekend was like:

friday - no class for fall break! i took vacation, but ended up spending the day helping my gay rights group have a garage sale. most of them didn't know much about garage sales. the guy who's house we had it at said he'd never even been to one. so that was an adventure... them, with the Garage Sale Culture that attends day 1 at 8 am (7 if you're set up). bargaining with super-old people, trying to not be creeped out about guys buying used women's underwear, avoiding the questions about why we had so many lesbian orgy books for sale. you know, typical friday.

saturday i set up for day two, but when volunteers showed up I skated out of there. went back to the apartment to lounge with the man, but we got drafted into helping out with the Tallgrass Film Festival. we were taunted with free beer and movie tickets... in the end we got plenty of beer, but there was only one round of screenings left by the time we finished helping out, so we only got to see one movie. we saw Entry Level... it was cute. not fabulous, but still cute.

TODAY we went to church, came home, ate lunch, and then went to look at open houses for fun. and now we're making steaks.