October 13th, 2007



I accidentally posted about abortion on christianity. I say accidentally because i made a poll about it, someone had just made a post about "I can't believe there are pro-choice people in this community" so I made a poll to show just how diverse we all were. It turns out about half the community is pro-choice on some level, saying that a woman should have a legal right to an abortion during at least part of her pregnancy, regardless of health status. Throw in "health of the mother in danger" and you get up to 84% (personally that number scares me... no, the 16% on the other side scares me, but I wasn't going to debate too much myself).

It was interesting that someone gave me static about leaving out the "in cases of rape/incest" situation... I didn't think anyone was there any more. I mean, it doesn't make sense. Anyone who's really pro-life tends to believe that the second an egg splits, it's a PERSON, and it's not going to care (if it could care) about the circumstances creating it, and doesn't deserve to die because someone else is a rapist. Anyone who's really pro-choice is usually in touch with women's rights to know that the case-by-case basis is totally impractical. I mean, are we going to tell a woman to come in with her "I was raped" certificate to qualify for an abortion? If the actual rapist won't initial it, does she have to get from accusation to conviction in nine months for this to all work out? If there's anyone who responded to the poll who I really wanted to debate, it was the "it should be on a case by case basis" people. I can just see a judge up there saying, "Oh, case by case basis? Well in my cases, you're having those babies."

But anyway that's not why I posted the poll... I did it because christianity reminds me a lot of my office some days. the conservatives just assume we're all with them. they say whatever they want and then act shocked when someone says, "I disagree with you". Maybe that's why liberals started all the "awareness" and "I feel your pain" and other things people laugh at us for... being marginalized is annoying. Where I live, I know my opinions are in the minority. I deal. And I like to think that if I was in the majority, I'd still deal with differences, too.