September 29th, 2007



marc and I admitted to each other that we don't really like Vietnamese food. there are several vietnamese restaurants in Wichita, and we like going to them because it's something different, and they're family owned, and for some reason both of us acted like when we drove by one we hadn't seen we actually wanted to go in but in truth we don't. i'm tired of that minty parsley taste in my vermicelli. hell, i'm tired of vermicelli.

I am getting okay at using chopsticks, and it was nice to have a slew of non-chain restaurants we could go to any time. If there's one thing I (and technically "we", but I don't want to be one of those married people who can't talk about "I" anymore) hate more than anything it's chain restaurants. There are so many people in this world who, when they imagine going out to eat, can only imagine going to chili's, applebee's, benegans, olive garden, or whatever else just sprung up in the mall parking lot. it kills me. when I eat their food, they eat my soul. Dad and I went to california some years ago, and asked the girl at our hotel what was good to eat, and just just smiled and said "There's a Carlos O'Kellys across the street, and Cheddars is down past that!" or something to that effect. We'd flown 500 miles, only to eat at the same places we avoid at home? What's the point?

I used to live over on the west side by this place called Byblos, it was good Mediterranean. They had a small market with a few shelves and a fridge to sell imported groceries, a dining room with ten tables or so, and hummus with flatbread was like $3 or something. There was also a huge family room off to the side, so you'd go in and there'd be 15 similar-looking people eating in there, and when that was going on the service we got was usually horrible but we still felt good being there. maybe I can't even taste food anymore without thinking about some political statement... I go to the grocery store and buy processed crap and feel bad, I buy organic and think I'm buying into the fad, I go to family restaurants and occasionally support bad food and service, I go to chili's and want to kill myself. Isn't food supposed to be one of those easy things in America? I don't feel like other people think so much about it. I'm at the top of the food chain, for God's sake.

I'm never not annoyed by futurists, in case you're wondering

I'm in a computer lab, I'm supposed to be doing my embedded systems homework, not posting a poll. minus points for me.

in news though, I got a 91% (!) on my signal processing test! I just sort of expect to fail the first round of tests, since that's what my first few semesters of grad school were like. Maybe I'm learning the system. This means I deserve a break. today.

but anyway, regarding embedded systems:

What will we do if Moore's Law ceases to apply?

OHMIGOD freak out!
Stop using computers
Listen to our engineering professors ramble on about how amazing something else is
Forget about Moore altogether
Forget about IBM altogether*
Stop quadrupling application requirements every 18-24 months
Make it fuzzier, so it still applies
Simultaneous multi-threading
Spread the word of Spacefem's Law**
Have an "end of Moore's Law" party*

* if you already did, you don't have to chose this option
** Spacefem's Law: The best way to slow IC technology progress to a crawl is to get engineers to waste time talking about Moore's Law all the time

update: a blip on wikipedia that I will start to call "mikkalai's law": the degree of twistedness of various popular formulations of Moore's law doubles every 18 months

word, dude.