September 19th, 2007


drug crap

remember those lists of useful things you could do with AOL disks? I've been trying to find one that has to do with pharmaceutical promotional products. I'm an electrical engineer, yet every year I somehow wind up getting notepads, pens, magnets, assorted plastic toys, etc., all with the name of some prescription drug printed on them. It angers me to no end. I think the pharmaceutical industry represents a good chunk of what's wrong with our health care system. I know the squeezy balls are a drop in the bucket when you look at what they spend on superbowl commercials or other things... a friend of mine who's a nurse said that she gets free lunch every single day because a different drug company brings in catering for the whole office (not a rare story, from what I understand).

Anyway, since a lot of it can't be recycled I just trash it, which makes me feel bad because it's filling up landfills and everything, but I refuse to use the stuff for its intended purpose. If someone at work asks me for a pen, I'm sure as hell not going to risk handing them one that helps Evil Pharm get more advertising in. When it comes down to it I don't like anyone advertising at me, I think most of it is sleazy, but the drug companies are worse because they're screwing with people's health and entire life savings to do it.

I'm trying to find some way to punish them for wasting our money. er, well honestly, not my money... mostly money from the sick & elderly. Even better!

About a week after the iPhone came out, I was sitting in a bar next to a girl who had one out. I asked her about how she liked it, and then I was like, "Those are expensive! You either really love apple, or you've got a great job!" and she said, I'm not kidding, that she was a pharmaceutical rep. I wasn't sure if there was a tactful way to accuse her of being evil so I didn't. But I was thinking it. Certainly lost my enthusiasm to talk with her much more. I'm really a nice person, too, I'm just frustrated with the way health care works in this country and I see evidence every day of drug companies wasting money... I can only think to blame them.

If this post is way off, let me know. If you work for a drug company and really think you're doing the right thing by making sure every man, woman and child in America gets a magnet with your drug's name on it, let me know. If you work in the health care industry and something else is really to blame with how screwed up it is, let me know. Again, I'm an electrical engineer... I only know what I see.

in the meantime, I'm still open to ideas of how to take my anger out on your notepads.