September 14th, 2007

senior project

wiki limits

so, we had to write a short paper in one of my classes, and the professor, when assigning it, actually said, "You'll be able to find information on these topics very easily on the internet, just do some searches, read Wikipedia..."

First off, I sort of feel like if I was a professor, I would force students to go to the library, and only use the internet if they can prove beyond every reasonable doubt that the source is credible. If you'd doing a report on a data bus, the INDUSTRY SPEC that you download from the governing body is reliable.

the first few google hits? maybe not.

wikipedia? ohmigod! MAYBE good for a starting point.

Should Wikipedia ever be cited as a source on a paper you turn in?

Absolutely not.
Only if it's a paper about opinions
Sure, it's credible.

pick the best: