August 26th, 2007


short stories and other things that get read

humaazul was over the other day and mentioned that she doesn't like short stories. if they're bad, they're bad. if they're not bad, then they should have been real books so she can keep reading them. I see her point but secretly I like really like short stories, because I'm just not as good at reading books. she's got like 400 or something insane like that, and is always reading stuff. I read like four books a year, not counting technical manuals and engineering textbooks. I wish my life wasn't like that, really, but that's the way it's gotten.

incidentally when we had this conversation I said it'd make a good livejournal entry and she should write about it, but she said that if it was really interesting, I should write about it, because I have more lj friends and it'll get comments.

so, comment on that.

also comment if you have something you think I should write, that you'd write about if you were a friend whore like me. you know, whatever you'd like to see in my journal... I'm pretty amused by the whole concept of providing anyone with an audience. I can't provide people with much, you know?